​Marilyn Liu Kim, choir director/accompanist is a retired Full-Professor of Music after serving more than 30 years at Leeward CC.  Her formal education includes a Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance, 1971 and a Masters of Music in Voice Performance, 1976 from the UHM.  She has done post-graduate work at Chautauqua Institute, NY., Peabody Conservatory, MD., and Stanford University ,CA.  Among her favorite memories are performing solo with the Honolulu Symphony, Royal Hawaiian Band, and the Chautauqua Symphony.  In addition to singing with an orchestra, other credits include; winning the Metropolitan Opera Pan-Pacific Regional Finals in 1977,  and singing at the UHM football games in 1983 and 2001.  Marilyn has had a variety of performing venues.  She played & sang piano bar, sang for the John Piilani Watkins Polynesian Review, the 


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Germaine Luaus, and going back further, was the songstress for  Kam Fong Chun's, "Night in Cathay Show" at the old Lau Yee Chai Restaurant in the early '70.  She's sung with HOT chorus for a few productions and played the title role in the zarsuela, "Estrella" and Polly Peachem in Kurt Weill's "Three Penny Opera" while studying voice at Manoa.

Marilyn is currently involved with her new post-retirement choir, Melemai Kapu'uwai (a vocal ensemble.)  She is just finishing her 4th year with this ensemble.  Marilyn has been successful in organizing a annual concert tour to the outer islands:  2012-Hawaii, 2013-Molokai, 2014-Kauai, and just this year 2015 Maui.  She loves to teach choral music, healthy vocal technique, and musicianship.  She finds great satisfaction in helping individuals to find their sound, and develop/empower their voices.  She also is willing to work with individuals that have lost their singing voice; correct and repair faulty technique.  She has had many students who began vocal studies with her who are now actively performing and/or teaching, locally, nationally, and internationally. 

Teaching piano began early on in her music career.  She opened her first piano studio by renting a room in her family home.  With steady success, she opened a studio in a building on Kapiolani Boulevard (Honolulu) that is no more. She taught private piano lessons exclusively for many years until she earned her Voice Degree from UHM.  As a piano teacher, Marilyn was very active with the Hawaii Music Teachers Association and helped to support and organize monthly recitals for several years.  

Besides teaching at the music studio and choir, Marilyn serves as assistant Music Director and pianist for the Ft. DeRussy Army Chapel, Waikiki.  She enjoys serving the Lord as the church pianist and schedules soloists for Sunday Morning Services.  (She was formerly one of regular vocal soloist for the church for several decades.)  

Professional Affiliations 

NATS, National Association of Teachers of Singing. 
ACDA, American Choral Directors Association
MTNA, Music Teachers National Association
HMTA, Hawaii Music Teachers Association
SAI, Sigma Alpha Iota (charter member, Hawaii Chapter)

"Du Bist Die Ruh was the first piece you gave me to sing for NATS.

I'm singing it right now as I warm up for my weekly Saturday evening gig.

I'm overcome  by feelings of nostalgia because of all the fond memories I have of your teaching.

I've missed you and your teaching a lot over the years Marilyn."  - Jegaan F.

"I don't know what I don't know… But I do know that I  definitely would not be the musician, or the person, I am today without this wonderful lady!  [💜] [💕] [💜]" - Yana R.

"Yes Marilyn I'm still singing :) 
I'm in the Oahu Choral Society Chamber choir and their big choir. 
Also Thanks to your teaching and your patience with me I'm able to make a living out of singing and playing music. 
Thank you for bearing with my arrogant foolishness for as long as you did. 
I really appreciate it..
I hope you're still teaching :) 
Singers everywhere need to take lessons from you :) 
And I mean that. 
[😘] [❤] ️
Tottemo Arigattou
Gozaimasushita!!" - Jegaan F.

"Marilyn Kim...look at this back in the day photo. Such great memories. Thanks Marilyn for blessing a lot of hearts and lives with the gift of music." - Dara V.

"I am SO grateful I met you. You taught me SO much at a very important time in my life. Thank you! :)" - Liz G.

"It was a lot of fun! Thank you, Marilyn Kim for everything you've done for Melemai and all of us! We are blessed to have you as our music teacher, master extraordinaire! You've raised the bar for my singing and I am still learning every time I attend the weekly rehearsals! I love you! <3" - Mina T.

"10 months ago I couldn't hold a pitch correctly. It was evidence by the fact that it took me 10 minutes to sing one note correctly. Friends and family have noticed the drastic improvement in my singing and I owe it all to Marilyn helping me through my listening troubles. I am so very grateful for her patience, encouragement, and strictness when it's needed." - Cyrus N. 

"I've studied with Marilyn for a few years and I am just amazed with all of the work she has done! She is an amazing voice teacher and I would definitely recommend her to anyone that is willing to learn!! She has a God given gift to take someone like me who couldn't match pitch in the beginning to where I was within a year and a half with her. I learned to match pitch and continued on to try and learn that control of my voice! So if anyone is up to the challenge of learning from such an amazing voice teacher please go to Marilyn! Your life will be forever changed I know mines was and it was for the better!" - Keely E.

"I'd already had over a dozen roles and parts in just as many musicals by the time I came in to see Marilyn. When it came to acting, dancing, or just plain performing I had confidence for days but when I knew I had a solo or several featured songs in which I was one of the primary singers (and couldn't hide in the ensemble) I wanted to run. Marilyn taught me technique and gave me skills that stood the test of my nervousness. So much so that after an audition I returned to the green room and someone asked me "Peter, was that you just now singing?" He was genuinely impressed. In that moment I knew I had one more thing to be confident about." - Peter T.

"LOVE IT> finally.  I will personally recommend you to any and everyone for vocal training... you are the best... you taught me...this woman taught me to sing... literally... one of the few musical ppl i've met who have the skill set to develop a person's voice correctly, without damage, with skillful/calling-card exercises, and a genuine warmth that allows a person to reach their full potential... love her... the University of Hawaii was lucky to have her for so many years... she's retired and teaches privately now..." - Tino I.

"Looks great.  Website is very warm and welcoming.  Marilyn Kim you've touched so many lives and I have fond memories of my experiences...many years ago.  It's the lessons I took with you.  Life lessons...thorough music...through how u shared your passion.  Thank you for blessing me." - Dara V.

"Congratulation!!!  beautiful page!  I would love to hop on a plane to see you, all thebest and thank you for the music!" -  Kerstin R. (Powerhouse Rhythm-blues)  

"I love that we get to make beautiful music together." - Ryan S.

"It's great that we/ve all forged such strong friendships while studying with you at LCC!" - Renson M.

"Think 30,000 Hawaiian voices passed through her classes at Leeward CC. Truly a fantastic contributor to the voices of Our state." - James W.